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Enjoy the little things in life

Hello everyone,

It has been a tough week and now I’m also feeling a little bit sick. So I’m just going to share some of my favorite food because it makes me feel good. And maybe it will give you some inspiration for dinner tonight.

But first, I want to share a video of Kayden who is 15 months old and experienced rain for the first time. A great reminder for us to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Next time that I’ll be caught in heavy rain without an umbrella, I hope I will think about Kayden and just smile and run.

Some of my favorite food:

My favorite Tofu dish is the one that my grandmother makes! Home made is the best.
If you want to try some good Tofu dishes you should ask a Chinese person, who knows how to cook, to prepare it for you or just go to a traditional Chinese restaurant (in The Netherlands, there are a lot of ‘Chinese-Indonesian’ restaurants who have adjusted their food for the Dutch market).


I just love chocolate!! Especially Ferrero Rocher.


ferrero-rocherLobster, Crab, and Shrimp
I love it when the lobster and crab are prepared the ‘Chinese way’.  It tastes the best at home, but you should try it in a traditional Chinese restaurant. The lobster is usually served with noodles underneath it. I had some good ones in the US (New York, Boston, Los Angeles) and Hong Kong. In The Netherlands you should go to a Cantonese (Dim Sum) restaurant in Rotterdam or Amsterdam. When the shrimp is fresh, I like to just boil it so that you can taste the natural flavor of the shrimp.

Ribbed Potato Chips
One of the favorites of me and my colleagues at work. We even eat in the car when going to external meetings!

Lays chipsSushi
Most (older) Chinese people say that it is stupid to eat cold rice. I didn’t like it either, but in the past few years I started to enjoy it very much. I guess Japanese people are not as crazy as my grandparents think. ;) The California Maki is my favorite.

After looking at all these pictures, I feel much better already!
Enjoy your weekend!

:) Helen